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(CIS Standards) previously USSR Standards

(National Standards) of Russian Federation


(Construction Codes and Regulations)


(Industry Standards)


(State Technical Inspection)


(Industry-Specific Norm on Technical Design)  


(Fire Safety Regulations)


(Building Codes)


(Sanitary Norms and Regulations)


(Code of Practice)


(Regulatory Documents)


(Industrial Construction Standards)


(Russian Federal Mining And Industrial Inspectorate)


(Occupational Health and Safety Rules for the Operation of Electrical Installations)


(Operation Standards for Electrical Equipment)


(Safety Regulations)


(System Regulatory Documents)


(Hygiene Regulations)

Some of fire regulation standards:

1 NPB 58-97 Address Fire Alarm Systems. General Technical Requirements
2 VNTP 24-86 All-Union norm of technical design. Identification of categories of buildings and rooms regarding possible danger of explosion or fire.
3 NPB 104-03 Approval of Fire Safety Regulations “designing Fire Alert Systems for Buildings and Structures”
4 GOST P 50969-96 Automated gas fire-extinguishing units. General technical requirements
5 NPB 52-96 Automatic Fire Fighting Systems. Pressure and Waterflow Indicators
6 NPB 63-97 Automatic Foam Fire Extinguishing Installations Feeders
7 GOST 51114-97 Automatic Foam Fire-Extinguishing Systems Feeders Test Methods
8 NPB 57-97 Automatic Gas Fire Extinguishers and Fire Alarms. Interference Resistance and Emission
9 NPB 22-96 Automatic Gas Fire Fighting Facilities. Designing and Application
10 NPB 62-97 Automatic Water and Foam Fire Extinguishers. Hydraulic Sound Fire Detectors
11 NPB 83-99 Automatic Water and Foam Fire Extinguishing Installations. Wet and Dry Alarm Systems
12 NPB 53-96 Automatic Water and Foam Fire Fighting Systems. Fire Shut-Off Devices
13 GOST 51052-97 Automatic Water and Foam Fire-Extinguishing Installations
14 GOST 30403-96 Building Structures Fire Hazard Test Method
15 NPB 110-03 Buildings-Structures-Rooms-Equipment-Subject-Protection-Automatic-Fire-Extinguishing-Fire-Alarm
16 NPB 107-97-1 Categories of External Installations for Fire Hazardous Areas
17 PB 09-170-97 Chemical Petrochemical and Oil Refining Facilities at Risk of Explosion and Firee
18 GOST 2071-69 Clamps for Fire Hoses
19 VNTP 8-88 Classification of buildings in oil and gas industry by explosion and fire hazard
20 NPB 242-97-of-10-01-97 Classification-And-Fire-Test-Methods-For-Electrical-Cables
21 SNiP 2-09-04-87 Amendment Decree dated 14th May 2001 No 48. On adoption and taking effect amendments to SNiP 2.09.04-87 “Commercial and domestic buildings” (Fire safety section)
22 NPB 101-95 Design Standards of Fire Protection Facilities
23 NPB 104-95 Designing Fire alarm systems ain buildings and structures
24 NPB 105-95 Determination of explosion and fire hazard categories of rooms and buildings. Fire safety standard
25 NPB 105-03 Determination of Explosion/Fire and Fire Hazard Categories of Rooms, Buildings, and Outdoor Installations
26 NPB 86-2000 Direct Current Electric Power Sources of Fire-Protection Devices
27 NPB 248-97 Electrical Cables and Wires. Factors of Fire Hazard. Test Procedures_E-R1
28 PUE 7-4-1994 Electrical Installations in Fire-Hazardous Zones
29 PUE 7-4-2002 Electrical Installations in Fire-Hazardous Zones
30 NPB 250-97 Elevators for Transportation of Fire Crews in Buildings and Facilities
31 NPB 253-98 Equipment of Smoke Control Systems. Fans. Method of Testing for Fire Resistance
32 SNiP 2.04.09-84 Fire alarm automatic systems for building and installations.
33 SNiP 2.04.09-84 Fire alarm automatic systems for building and installations.
34 SNiP 2.04.09-84 Fire alarm automatic systems for buildings and installations
35 NPB 77-98 Fire Alarm Systems and Evacuation Management
36 GOST 12.1.018-93, ver1. Fire and Explosion Safety of Static Electricity
37 GOST 12.1.018-93, ver2 Fire and Explosion Safety of Static Electricity
38 SNiP 2.01.02-85 Fire codes. Building codes
39 NPB 153-2000 Fire Connecting Heads. Technical Fire Safety Requirements
40 NPB 241-97 Fire Damper Valves of Ventilation Systems. Test Method for Fire-Resistance
41 NPB 244-97 Fire Danger for Building Decorative-Finishing Facing Cover of Floor Roofing Materials
42 NPB 76-98 Fire Detectors
43 NPB 110-96 Fire engineering regulations
44 GOST 51115-97 Fire Equipment Combined Fire-Hose Turrets Test Methods
45 NPB 154-2000 Fire Equipment. Fire Valves
46 NPB 152-2000 Fire Equipment. Pressure Fire Hoses
47 NPB 166-97 Fire Extinguishers. Requirements of Exploitation
48 NPB 75-98 Fire Fighting Control and Indicating Devices
49 NPB 177-99 Fire Fighting Equipment. Manual Fire Fighting Nozzles
50 NPB 159-97 Fire Fighting Hardware. Fire Fighting Monitor
51 GOST 51049-97 Fire Pressure Hoses Test Methods
52 VNTP 03/170/567-87 Fire protection standards for design work involving facilities of the western Siberian oil and gas complex
53 MISC PPBO-85 Fire safety
54 SNiP 2-01-02-85 Fire Safety Code
55 NPB 05-93 Fire Safety Inspection Agencies Participation in Commissioning and Start Up
56 NPB 04-93 Fire Safety Inspections for Foreign-Build Facilities
57 SNiP 21-01-97. Fire Safety of Buildings and Structures
58 SNiP 21-01-97 Fire safety of buildings and structures.
59 SNiP 21-01-97 Fire safety of buildings and structures.
60 MISC PPB 01-93 Fire Safety Regulations in the Russian Federation
61 NPB 88-2001 Fire safety regulations. Fire-extinguishing and alarm systems. Design standards and rules
62 NPB 111-98 Fire Safety Requirements for Fueling Stations
63 KZ RD FS Fire safety rules for crude oil pipeline operations
64 MISC PPB-01-93 Fire Safety Rules of the Russian Federation.
65 NPB 01-03 Fire Safety Rules Within the Russian Federation
66 NPB 184-99 Fire Turntable. Fire Standpipe
67 GOST 7499-71 Fire Water Hydrants
68 NPB NPB 88-2001 Fire-Extinguishing and Alarm Systems. Design Standards and Regulations
69 NPB 151-2000 Fire-Fighting Cabinets
70 NPB 176-98 Fire-Fighting Centrifugal Pumps
71 NPB NPB ...-2002 Fire-Fighting Plans and Cards. General Requirements for Their Development Design and Use
72 VNTP 03-170-567-87 Fire-Prevention-Design-Facility-Siberia
73 GD 304 Fire-Risk-Assessment
74 GD 272 Fire-Risk-Assessment-Procedures
75 NPB 245-2001 Fire-Safety-Fire-Escapes-General-Technical-Requ
76 NPB 01-93. Fire-Safety-Rules
77 GOST R 12-3-047-98 Fire-Safety-Technological-Process
78 GD 849 Firefighting-Service
79 NPB 236-97 Fireproofing Compounds For Structural Steel - General Requirements Fireproofing Performance Test Method
80 NPB 245-2001- Fixed Fire Ladders To Be Installed Outside Buildings Buildings Roof Railings
81 NPB 233-96 Full Scale Fire Test Methods for Buildings
82 NPB 155-2002 Full-Scale Production of Fire Extinguishers and Conducting Certification Tests
83 RD 5303-1 General regulations on explosion safety for chemical, petrochemical, and oil-refining facilities at risk of explosion and fire
84 NPB 87-2000 General Requirements Foam and Water Fire Extinguishers
85 NPB 54-2001 General Requirements for Automatic Gas Fire Extinguishing Units Cylinder Banks
86 NPB 201-96- General Requirements To Fire Safety of Enterprises
87 GOST 50680-94 Gost R 50680-94 of 01 01 95 Automatic Water Fire Extinguishing Systems
88 GOST 50800-95 Gost R 50800-95 of 01 01 96 Automatic Foam Fire Extinguishing Systems
89 NPB 85-2000 Heat Detectors Technical Requirements. Fire Safety
90 SP 7-13130-2009 Heating Ventilation and Conditioning Fire Requirements
91 VNTP 2-86 Identification of categories of buildings and rooms regarding possible danger of explosion or fire
92 NPB 201-96 Industrial Fire Brigades. General Requirements.
93 MISC VUPP-88 Industry-Specific Guidelines For Fire-Safe Design of Petroleum Refining and Petrochemical Industry Enterprises, Buildings and Structures Vupp-88 Moscow, 1989
94 RD 78-145-93 Installation Setup Commissioning and Testing of Security and Fire Alarm Systems
95 RD 09-54-91 Licensing Explosive Fire Chemical Hazardous Facilities
96 MCHS 627-of-20-10-08 Licensing-Fire-Safety-Activities
97 SP 11-13130-2009 Location-Of-Fire-Stations
98 GD 241-of-03-17-09 Mandatory-Fire-Safety-Certification-For-Customs-Clearance
99 MCHS letter-june-2006 McHs-Letter-June-2006-Interaction-Between-State-Fire-Supervision-And-McHs
100 MCHS order-132 McHs-Order-132-Of-03-17-03-State-Fire-Safety-Supervision-In-Russian-Federation 132
101 MCHS order-141 McHs-Order-141-Of-03-06-07-Instructions-Fire-Safety-Deviations
102 MCHS order-313 McHs-Order-313-Approving-Fire-Safety-Rules
103 MCHS order-320 McHs-Order-320-Of-07-08-02-List-Of-Products-Subject-To-Mandatory-Fire-Safety-Certification
104 MCHS order-npb-110-03 McHs-Order-Npb-110-03-List-Of-Facilities-Subject-To-Automatic-Fire-Alarm-Systems
105 GOST 51017-97 Mobile Fire Extinguishers Test Methods
106 GOST 12.1.033-81 Occupational Safety Standards System Fire Safety Terms and Definitions
107 GOST 12.3.046-91 Occupational safety standards system. Automatic fire-fighting sets. General technical requirements.
108 GOST 12.1.044-89 Occupational safety standards system. Fire and Explosion hazard of substances and materials. Range of indices and methods of their determination.
109 GOST 12.1.041-83 Occupational safety standards system. Fire and explosion safety of combustible dusts. General requirements
110 GOST 12.1.018-93 Occupational safety standards system. Fire and explosion safety of static electricity. General requirements
111 GOST 12.2.037-78 Occupational safety standards system. Fire engineering. Safety requirements.
112 GOST 12.2.047-86 Occupational safety standards system. Fire safety engineering. Terms and definitions
113 GOST R 12.3.047-98 Occupational safety standards system. Fire safety of technological processes. General requirements. Methods of control, v.1
114 GOST 12.1.004-91 Occupational safety standards system. Fire safety. General requirements
115 GOST 12.1.004-91 Occupational standards safety system. Fire Safety. General requirements
116 GOST 12-1-018-93 Occupational-Safety-Fire-Electricity
117 GOST 12-2-037-78 Occupational-Safety-Fire-Engineering
118 GOST 12-2-047-86 Occupational-Safety-Fire-Safety
119 SNiP 2.11.03-93 Oil and Oil product storehouses. Fire protection codes.
120 SNiP 2.11.03-93 Oil and Oil product storehouses. Fire protection codes.
121 NPB PPBO-85 Oil Industry Fire Safety Regulations
122 SNiP 2-11-03-93 Oil Terminals Fire Safety Standards
123 SNiP Decree 48 On Adoption and Taking Effect Amendments To Snip 2.09.04-87 “commercial and Domestic Buildings” (Fire Safety Section)
124 SNiP 2-04-09-84 Amendment On adoption of amendment to SNiP 2.04.09-84 “Automatic firefighting systems for buildings and edifices”
125 MISC RESOLUTION N 29 On Approving General Eplosion Savety Rules for Chemical, Petrochemical Or Oil Processing Plants That Represent An Explosion Or Fire Hazard
126 SNiP Resolution 48 On the Adoption and the Introduction Into Operation of An Amendment To Snip 2.09.04-87 "Administrative and Domestic Buildings " (In Respect of Fire Safety)
127 NPB 105-95. Order of 31st October L995, Number 32 On the Implementing of Fire Safety Norms
128 MISC MDS 21-1.98 Prevention of Fire Spreading
129 NPB 3-1-1993 Procedure for approval of design and cost-estimate documents for construction by state fire supervision authorities of the Russian Federation
130 NPB 03-93 Procedure For Approval Of Design And Cost-Estimate Documents For Construction By State Fire Supervision Authorities Of The Russian Federation
131 RD REGULATIONS 1974 PBVKHP-74 Regulations 1974 Safety Regulations for Explosion Hazard and Explosion-Fire-Hazard Chemical and Petrochemical Plants
132 NPB 107-97 Revoked Categories of Fire Hazard External Installations
133 NPB 01-93 Rules Fire Safety in the Russian Federation
134 RD 1974 PBVKHP-74 Safety regulations for explosion hazard and explosion-fire-hazard chemical and petrochemical plants
135 NPB 66-97 Self-Contained Fire Detectors
136 NPB 160-97 Signal Colours. Fire Safety Signs
137 GD decree of 08-23-93 Statute-Firefighting-Service
138 SNiP Storage of petroleum and petroleum products fire-prevention and fire-fighting standards
139 SNiP 2.11.03-93 Storage of petroleum and petroleum products. Fire-prevention and fire-fighting standards.
141 NPB 21-94 System for Aerosol Fire-Fighting. Norms and Standards
142 NPB 253-98-r The Equipment of Smoke Control Systems. Fans. the Test Method for the Fire Resistance
143 GGTN 4537 The Generalexplosion Safety Rules for Chemical, Petrochemical Or Oil Processing Plants That Represent An Explosion Or Fire Hazard.
144 NPB 70-98 The Manual-Type Fire Detectors. General Specifications and Testing
145 NPB 103-95 Trade Pavilions and Kiosks. Fire Protection Requirements
146 GOST 8220-85 Underground fire hydrants. Specifications
147 NPB 239-97 Ventilation Ducts. Test Method of Fire Resistance
148 NPB 59-97 Water and Foam Extinguishers. Fire-Fighting Foam Mixers and Feeder

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ロシアの火災安全アドバイザー النار مستشار السلامة في روسيا

Several samples of Russian standards. Some of them are not in use anymore. See attachments.

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