Services & Specialties

You would like to visit and learn fire market, but what is the right show?
You build fire safety products, well know all around the world, but not yet in Russia?
You have some sales to Russia, but the current channel needs to be changed?
You got good sales and it's time to open a subsidiary: distribution or manufacturing?
You think what is best for your product: open market or direct busuness to Government/Monopolies?
You got problems with fire certification, approvals? 
You need interpretations, professional slang translations?
Here we are! Need help: just contact us.

Shows and magazines

  • We learn your profile and suggest you the best show to visit or participate. To bring your samples to exhibit is NOT easy.
  • We know ratings of specialised magazines. If you read their web sites: each of them is the best. We know who read them and help you to find your reader. Unless you want mega$ umbrella type coverage and pay to all existing media.
  • We point you to target customers like Governmental departments or monopolies like Gazprom, Sberbank, Russian Railways, Lukoil, etc  
  • We save your money!

How to sell in Russia

  • We learn your plan, review product line, types of distribution channels, sales strategy, ad materials, slogans, terminalogy, slang and suggest right ways.
  • Or we build most correct, safe and worthy plan. We study your offer and write a win-win plan.
  • We explain technical standards differences, overview of fire regulation.
  • We explain local specialities (unusual problems) like payment, customs clearence.
  • We can refer right partners, do due diligence.
  • We warn you what is just bad and what is criminal
  • You consult us and do your best!