You design, install or build

The fires are the same all around the World... but not the fire requirements... Humdrum of life.

  • You are an international company and would like to have the same buildings for all your subsidiaries. You have standard building type and need to build/constract one in Russia. We can review the design and check your fire solution adequacy to our standards. And to suggest the simplest and the cheapest way to execute changes if needed. 
  • There are so many complications in fire regulations that there is a real compiance problem and overcharge from Gosekspertiza, Gosstroynadzor and GPN/MChS (*). Each of these three supervisory agencies has the unique treatise and following one direction you contradict two othters. In one word it's - "Russia". We are experienced in balancing them.
  • We can work out the full set of fire solutions for your design and to help you to get through all approval procedures. Turn to us!
  • Domestic licensing is another interesting question to tackle. We will help.
  • You might need to protect the building site by specialised fire figthing service. We know who you need.
  • Your engineer, foreman or teamster must get special permit-to-work. We know who issues it fast and how.
  • Safety arrangement and precautions, workmen's protection other bureaucracy. We are on your side.

(*) Gosekspertiza (State Building Appraisal) approves the design/project work
    Gosstroynadzor (State Supervision for Building Works) oversees design compliance, issues breaking-in permit
    GPN/MChS (State Fire Authority of Ministry of Emergency) fire safety surveillance

The latter two agenices have a right to file misdemenor claims for non-compliance with project designs and other violations. We can fight for your rights by negotatiating with the agencies themselves or in court as specialized defense attorneys.

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