You have entity in Russia

Everyday life. Everyday responsibilities.

One of our everyday activity is to observe laws, including fire safety law. 
According to State Fire Law 69-FZ all resposibility and what is more serious, personal liability rests with management. We can help relieve managers of full criminal responsability for fire consequences.
There are more than 2'100 documents regulating fire safety consisting of 150'000 requirements/specifications. State fire inspection touch all companies and actually there is not a single building in Russia that complies with all fire requirements. Especially when they are so complicated, divergent and contradictory.
We can manage. But please think in advance. 

Fire risk assessments are an extension of the recent trend in the health and safety legislation to identify, evaluate and manage risks arising from particular hazards. We offer: 
  • Recommendations for reducing risk to an acceptable level are presented in a prioritized schedule which acts as an implementation action plan.
  • Site inspections are arranged and conducted in a manner aimed to minimise disruption to building users and reports are issued in accordance with an agreed schedule.
  • Preparing representations to the regulatory authorities to achieve safe, cost effective and mutually acceptable solutions.

Other people's misfortunes are easy to endure, not our own

Unfortunately there is no 100% guarantee of fire prevention. If misfortune happens, the most important issues are time and ties. We can dramaticaly change the situation from charge of infringement/crime to driven cooperation.
Aggrieveds, victims is the main hazard. What to do, how to respond to crime investigator, how to contest unjustified blames, what documents to prepare for court, how to work with government experts? We will help because we  care.
All insurance enterprises just love their customers. Until insured accident happens. Unfortunately, there are so many obstacles that standbetween you and your deserved insurance money... We have experience in reaching a  successful outcome.
Indemnity. You have to build skyscrapers for each neighbor even if they lost only an old barn. You have to rebuild all-district electrical supply network. You have to clean out the Earth's atmosphere. We represent you in arbitrage and unhook your business.

A "fire investigation", sometimes referred to as “origin and cause” investigation, is the analysis of fire-related incidents. After firefighters extinguish a fire, an investigation is launched to determine the origin and cause of the fire and/or explosion. Investigations of such incidents are done using a systematic approach and require knowledge and experience of basic fire science and fire behavior. When selecting a fire expert to represent you or your client's interests, we have the knowledge, experience, and competence to conduct a comprehensive review of your case and render an honest, professional opinion.
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