You sell fire products

You would like to visit Russia and learn about the fire market, but don't know what the right exhibition is?
You build fire safety products, well-known all around the World, but not yet in Russia?
You have some sales to Russia, but the current distribution channel needs to be changed?
You have good sales and it's time to open a subsidiary: distribution or manufacturing?
You need to decide what is best for your product: open market or direct business to Government?
You have problems with fire certification, approvals? 
You need interpretations or professional slang translations?

We are here! Contact us if you need help.

We ignite growth, deliver results and mind the details.

Shows and magazines

  • We study your profile and suggest you the best show to visit or to  participate in. Bringing your samples to exhibit is NOT easy. Ask how.
  • We know ratings of specialized magazines. If you read their web sites: each of them is the best. We know their targets and will help to find yours, unless you want mega$ umbrella type coverage and pay to all existing media.
  • We point you to target customers like Governmental departments or conglomirates like Gazprom, Sberbank, Russian Railways, Lukoil, etc  
  • We save your money!

How to sell in Russia

  • We learn your plan, review product line, types of distribution channels, sales strategy, advertising materials, slogans, terminology and suggest ways to improve.
  • Or we build most effective and safe plan. We study your offer and write a win-win plan.
  • We explain the differences in technical standards and provide an  overview of fire regulations.
  • We explain local issues such as making payments abroad and  clearing customs.
  • We can refer you to the right partners, do due diligence.
  • We know the difference between the unethetical and the illegal; misdemeanors and felonie
  • You consult us and do your best!

Need changes

  • Your current partner has exсlusive rights to sell, but doesn't sell.
  • You choose area distribution, but they cross-sale everytime.
  • You are looking for local or Western OEM-partner.
  • You think that local companies are cheating you and sell the same competitor's products while you pay for advertising
  • You expect much more, but the result disappoints you. Is it your partner's fault or are you set conditions not acceptable on the local market.
  • If your partner switched to a different business or refused to cooperate, it is usually almost impossible to get your goods or the money back.
  • Mistakes are always possible - listen to experts!

Subsidiary opening

  • Will it be a rep office, distribution point, simple assembling or full manufacturing?
  • What are strengths, weaknesses of available legal entity forms?
  • What are hidden problems in taxation, labour code, customs code?
  • There are around 70 Federal oversight(supervisory) bodies plus local ones - how to survive?
  • How to get support of local or international associations - which one is value added for you?

Product certification

  • Which products are the subject to obligatory certification in the sphere of fire safety
  • There are several different approval agencies in fire - which one is cheaper/faster/more respectable? 
  • What if there is no applicable fire standard for your product? 
  • How to save money on approvals?
  • Are there any issues with conglomerates approvals?
  • Do we need ISO9000, ISO14000?
  • Is there any recognition agreements with western certification bodies?
  • Is there any international certification organization reps/branches and is it better to work with them or with local ones?
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