Fire certificates

Fire certificate or certificate of fire safety - a document certifying that the products meet the requirements of technical regulations of fire safety.

Declaration of fire safety - a form of conformity assessment, which contains information on fire safety measures aimed at ensuring the protection of the object of normative values of the risk of fire.

 On May 1, 2009 Russia has got a new Federal Law of 22.07.2008 № 123-FZ "Technical Regulations on fire safety requirements". In accordance with this federal law the object of protection, including property of citizens or legal persons, state or municipal property (including facilities located in the settlements, as well as buildings, structures, buildings, vehicles, process plants, equipment, machines, goods and other property), which are protected or to be protected fire safety requirements to prevent fires and save human lifes in case of fire.

Confirmation of product compliance with fire safety is carried out voluntarily or compulsorily, in accordance with the legislation of Russia. Required demonstration of compliance is in the form of declaration of conformity or in the form of mandatory certification. Full list of products requiring mandatory submission of the declaration of conformity / certificate of compliance with technical rules of fire safety approved by RF Government Decree of 17.03.2009 № 241 "On approval of list of products that are to be placed under the customs regimes that provide for the disposition or use of these products in accordance with her appointment to the customs territory of Russia, subject to mandatory conformity assessment requirements of the Federal Law "Technical Regulations on fire safety requirements.


List of the products, which are the subject to obligatory certification in the sphere of fire safety:

- Means to secure fire safety;
- Substances and materials;
- Building structures and products;
- Electrical devices and electrical appliances;
- Heat-generating devices.